The Power of Makeup | Smaller Face Eye makup

There were a lot of people are curious how I look without makeup. In this video, I showed half of my face with makeup and half my face without makeup, so you can see the differences. I look different. I have to admit that I have a round and chubby cheek(lots of people say that ^^) . I always try to make face look smaller. Also I like to make my eye twice bigger than my own eyes, so my cheeks will look smaller. ^^ I hope you enjoy this video. ^^ I’m wearing prescription circle lenses.

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  1. Héloïse Jomini says:

    you’re si cute without any makeup on 💕💕💕🎀🎀 love youu

  2. /* PANDAmonium * says:

    Thanks for showing where your lenses came from.BTW instead of yumi king a cool varuation could be yumi queen

  3. Rabiah Salang says:

    You really good at makeup 😍😍

  4. Suzen Rai says:

    Baby dol😘😘

  5. sakura hatsune kawaii says:

    When recuerdas que la melodia es de angel beats y comienzas a llorar :’v

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